July 19, 2016 - Donald Trump’s War


Donald Trump’s presidency might be disastrous.  He wants to declare war on ISIS, but hell, we have been at war against “Islamic Extremists” for 15 years and we haven’t gotten anywhere.   Why does he think simply “declaring” war will make things different?  The fact is that if we do attack ISIS with more gusto than we have already, it will just create more Muslims who hate us.

            The overwhelming majority of the members of ISIS are not religious zealots.  They are violent, disturbed individuals who have found a way to get even with their demons by fighting and murdering.  They have been mislead to believe that in some perverted way, by killing infidels they are serving God.  If the US decidedly attacks, it will be interpreted and conveyed by ISIS leaders as an attack on all of the Muslim World.  That will only create new converts for ISIS.

            And if we are successful destroying ISIS, there will be another group of dissatisfied Muslims who will take up the cause.  That’s exactly what happened when the Taliban morphed into ISIS.

            The only way to defeat ISIS is with a Muslim force.  It would be best if a consortium of Muslim countries aimed at eliminating ISIS, mounts a war against them.  But short of that, any Muslim military force is the only entity that can quell the disenfranchised, extremist movement.